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    My Lightroom Won't Import My Raw Images

    sarahcoon Level 1

      Hi There!


      I saw that another person had a similar issue as I do, but mine goes a bit further.  I use Bridge to cull my images and then I drag the final images over to LR.  Once there, I typically tag them and edit as normal.  However, that past several times I have done this, many of the images that I try to drag over are not able to be imported.  LR says This Photo Is Already In The Catalog.  Some images I am able to import, but some are greyed out.  (And not greyed out like I can check it, but even more greyed out like it's unavailable)  These images have never been imported into LR, and this is the first attempt to do so.  I have tried to uncheck the Don't Import Suspected Duplicates, but nothing happens.  What's going on?  Please help!  (Here's a screenshot in case it helps.)  Thank you!


      Screenshot 2017-05-23 09.17.53.png