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    Bug when I use the Undo shortcut (CMD+OPT+Z) activating Toggle auto select (CMD+CLICK)



      I've been having an issue with Photoshop ever since I upgraded my OS to Sierra on my Macbook Pro. I don't know if could possibly be a hardware flaw (like the key could be broken?) but every other time when I'm using the undo shortcut (command + option + z) it triggers the command + click shortcut randomly. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't, but it gets really annoying when you're drawing digitally that every so often you drag the layer out of place and you can't continue drawing smoothly. Also, whenever this happens it starts selecting multiple layers on my layer window, and it only stops if I press Command again so that the function it's off. For some reason even if I'm not holding down the key, the action persists.


      I would like to know if this is some sort of bug or if I have to live with it because it's my key that's broken. Also, if there's any way to deactivate the Command + click shortcut. Any light on this matter would help me a lot since I've been having a real hard time focusing with things getting messed up every time I sit to work. Thanks!