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    Question from a newbie...

    peteandrus Level 1
      so, i am new, just starting out with Flex. I have a quick question:

      i have a web service written in grails. Actually, its a controller class, but i'm not sure if i am supposed to call it that. Anyways, its called helloController (what,were you expecting helloWorldController?). If i enter the URL: " http://localhost:8080/Hello/hello" this is executed, because all the method has is one line that prints to the standard out on the terminal. Anyways, i am wondering if anyone can tell me how to tell flex to execute this web service? i can declare it in an httpService tag, but how do i tell flex to actually execute it? I want to be able to press a button on my flex page and see the stupid little text i am printing in that method get printed. Can anyone help? thanks!