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    Automatic slideshow image transition

      Hi All,

      I have an imagecontainer on my site, in which I want to show random images.
      So far so good, but I want to animate those image transitions.

      I've tried to hide and show the image while a picture is loaded, and link an effect to the show and hide, but it didn't work proparly.

      So, I tried using states. My imagecontainer has now 2 states.
      And after a couple of seconds the states change.

      All I do in the state change is:
      <mx:setProperty target="{imageContainer}" name="source" value="{imagesource}" />
      where "{imagesource}" is a [Bindable] private var in the same mxml file.

      The first statechange works, but after that, returning to the Base state ends up showing the first (original) image. Changing to the second state again, shows again the second image.

      Is there any way to nicely animate a automatic slideshow ?