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    Has my site outgrown Adobe Muse?

    DNA Wied


      My .muse file is about 250MB representing our 300+page site. It chugs along pretty well for edits etc but the export to HTML has recently been taking as long as 5 hours. Uploading via FTP is not an option for me. Should Muse be able to keep up with my site demands or have I outgrown its suitability for our site? I suppose I could split the site into sections but then various master page and other edits would need to be done in duplicate adding to the maintenance of the site.

      Here is our site: www.LoveHopeMercy.org

      Feedback appreciated.

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          fotoroeder Adobe Community Professional

          May I ask, why is uploading via ftp not an option? Your edits would be easier, you could update your .muse in a monthly rhythm or so.

          As long as everything works, I could not detect an issue. But maybe you use your muse and transfer it to something like this:

          http://www.conmunicator.de/  This allows the complete muse to be transferred as it is to a maybe more stable CMS.

          One advantage could be as well to add different admin levels. So you could provide different people to edit, what you allow them to edit.

          At the moment I am in search about deeper questions like: Is there a way to update the .muse, once there are many edits done in the CMS of Contao.

          There are possibilities to convert respectively build the site as a WP. I read too many hacker attacks to WP.


          This converting to html in 5 hours is not really stable, is it? Maybe this is worth to be inspected more properly by Preran or ankushr40215001 or any ADOBE staff member?



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            ankushr40215001 Level 7



            I am in support of what Uwe said.

            IF you export your site via FTP then you do get an option of uploading modified files and edits only.


            However, exporting to HTML does not give this functionality and resulting very long upload time.


            And your site is really very big and well structured, so I understand you won't even like to any risk like dividing the site.






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              DNA Wied Level 1

              My latest update dealt with the master page footer so pretty much all of the pages reflected a change. I may need to do more research on some of Uwe's suggestions. Do you often come across users of Muse managing sites this large?

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                Preran Adobe Employee

                Personally, I haven't seen any user with a large and complex website created using Muse on this forum. But that is just my personal observation.