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    Adobe Flash Player installation error on MacOS Sierra


      Hello Adobe Support Team,

      I'm currently using a 2011 Macbook Pro on MacOS Sierra 10.12.6. Recently i was due for a update on my flash player using Mozilla Firefox version 53.0.3. I proceeded with the usual update for the flash player on my mac, however after downloading the file and signing into my profile for the installation. The flash player stopped installing at around 15%. I tried a second time using the Firefox direct download for mac on the support website with no luck. I continued to research the issue through the support website and went through all the mac related pages. I uninstalled the flash player and did a clean install, but i still couldn't get past 15% install. I have online home work that is due and requires flash player. I really need some help here, I'm trying to install the latest update of Version I would be happy with installing the previous version of flash back on my mac because it worked. Also, my mac does still meet the minimum capability requirements of flash.

      Thank you,

      Blake H.