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    Adobe Flash downloader


      I was on Comcast web site went adobe flash downloader appear from ariuhuangjinlian .com why is that for  does anybody there know ?

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          Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

          Moving this discussion to the Installing Flash Player forum.

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            maria__ Adobe Employee

            ariuhuangjinlian .com is not an official Adobe download.  It's possible this is a result of some virus/malware/adware/etc.  If you have the complete URL you can forward it to phishing@adobe.com or private message it to me.  To send a private message click on my user name link and then on the 'Message' button link.

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              jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee

              It's unlikely that the malicious link was actually on Comcast's page.  While it's possible that someone snuck malicious content onto their website, it's far, far more likely that it was injected after it hit your network. 


              There is some malware that targets commodity home routers and will inject similar Flash Player downloads into pages.  If you haven't updated your router firmware recently (or since you bought it), you might want to do that.  Those attacks tend to reside only in memory, so power-cycling the router should clear the malware temporarily.  Update it as soon as it comes back up, and you should be protected from that class of attack.


              The other possibility is that you already have malware on your machine, and it's trying to trick you into installing additional software for more/better control over the system.  Running a good virus scanner or anti-malware package would be a good first step.

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                jimk60090523 Level 1

                on 05-26-2017 about 6:35 central time on Comcast.net home page a adobe flash player downloader appear it say flasher player.hta size 1.50 kb from seexinorwichanderpeterborough.org I open task manger and end the process.





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                  jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee

                  Yeah, that definitely sounds like a malicious download link, and fits with my comment above.  While you may want to let Comcast know about the incident, I find it much more likely that the malicious links are being inserted on the page by malware either at a router on your local network (e.g. you've got a wi-fi router installed behind your comcast modem), or by malware on the local system.