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    New version of lightroom, new laptop, new harddrive...


      Hi there, i definitely need a step by step 'how to' as this involves doing a few things, but they are all connected. So i bought a new laptop that i will be working with almost exclusively. I have exported all my photos from my old computer onto an external hard drive and will be storing my photos on this exclusively (I won't be putting them on the laptop's native hard drive). I have also downloaded Lightroom (Adobe CC) onto my new computer.  How do I import my old lightroom catalog and have it also find the photos from the new locations on the external harddrive (Old catalog, but photos are in a new location)?  I'm anticipating issues with it finding the old photos since they are now on an external harddrive. Also, how do I work exclusively from the external harddrive and have it arrange any new photos by date when i'm importing them to the new catalog but not importing them to a new location on? Ugh. I hope this makes sense. Thanks so much.