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    Problems signing PDF with Topaz signature pad


      I have a user who is having problems signing their PDFs while using the Topaz Gem Sign Plus.  I am using Adobe Reader XI.  The situation is this: all the PDFs are stored on a shared network drive. The user pulls up the form, fills it out, signs it at the bottom, then closes the form.  The problem with this user is that it will not accept the signature.  I get this error:

      This document is not opened by anyone else (the users have their own folders), and I have Adobe set up to have the signature pad selected as default and have the "Enable Protected Mode at startup" box unchecked.  All the users have the same permissions so it's not a permissions issue.  Only one user is having this problem.  I have a workaround where they save the document to their desktop, sign it (successfully), then save it back to the L drive, but that is a lot of extra steps for the user. I would like to know if there is a fix for this.  Thank you.