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    AE CC 14.1 very long save times

    jesussbattle Level 1

      Hey everyone,


      I have read other threads and I want to let you know that:


      1. My project does not have any Rotobrush or Warp effects.
      2. Project file size is 3MB. Another file that's doing the same thing is only 4MB.
      3. Working off a high-speed network at the office. We pull assets from here and save in here as well. (NAS)
      4. Disk cache is set to my local SSD. (Haven't erased the cache yet though)
      5. I've deleted AE preferences and still getting long save times.
      6. Auto-save and Save features hang on 0% for a while (more than 7 seconds) and then immediately go away and Save is done. There's no progress bar.
      7. Working with Targa and PNG Sequences mostly.
      8. This specific project is 16bit, but others are 32bit and even 8bit and still taking a long time to save.


      This started just a couple of days ago. It's been saving fast, specially autosaves, but right now every autosave (every 10min) takes almost 30 seconds and we all know how annoying that is for workflow.


      My system:

      Intel i7-6950X 3.00GHz

      32GB RAM

      2x GTX 1080 Tis

      Windows 10 Home (version 1703)



      2017-05-23 15_58_55-.png