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    Saving Cards in Three Sizes

    Pattyoboe Level 1

      Hi there,


      Maybe I'm missing something ... how do I save an image that is formatted for a greeting card in three sizes? I get orders for 5x7, 4.5x6.25 and/or 4.25x5.5 cards. I save it in one size and I'm not sure how to save it again at a different size. When I tried it then deleted the former sized card! It surely must be possible to save one image in different sizes, but I'm too stupid to figure it out so far. It's awfully clunky to have to resize it all (I do have templates set up, but still) every time!

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Are you saving the image using the export dialog or are you sitting from the print module? In either case, if you want different sized images from the same file they will have to be named differently.

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            Pattyoboe Level 1

            Thanks so much for the quick reply! Here's what I did ... or at least THOUGHT I did:


            I printed a card at the 5x7 size (10x7 card stock). I saved it with the name of the card and, following that, 5x7. I then set up the same image for a 4.25x5.5 card (5.5x8.5 card stock) and when I saved that as a new print I added its size to the title. So they had different names. When I went back to the 5x7 it was then at the smaller size. Clearly I'm doing something wrong ... I'll try again!

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              Pattyoboe Level 1

              As an aside, the paper I have to go through to set all this up is nuts! If it shows as centered on the screen I can guarantee it will not be centered on the card. I always must drag to the left to make sure it's centered properly. Sometimes I wish Adobe would invite some card makers in to show them how we work and what matters!


              I can dream ... right? (They are merely walking distance from me and I've thought about walking in and asking if I could demonstrate the issues I have!)


              Still love using LR, though. So there's that ....

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                Pattyoboe Level 1

                Okay ... tried again and this time it worked, so I must have been doing something wrong. Thanks so much!


                Looking back, what I think I did was work on an image, saved it as 5x7, and then worked on the 5x7 to save as the next size. I suspect I have to go BACK to the original and go from there. Probably a bit duh for most folks. But I'm slow. Thanks much, Jim Hess.