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    Did Photoshop's interface and features change much in 2015 upgrade?


      Hi, I went back to school and enrolled in an accredited national online college to get my web design certificate.  One of the classes is Photoshop. Another is Illustrator. Nothing in the online video tutorials seems to match up with my Photoshop installed on my computer.  Yep, I'm working with the latest Cloud version. 


      I'm upset w/ this college because the teachers won't admit that the tutorials are outdated.  I did a little research and found the web developer who originally produced them in...2012!


      I'm new to Photoshop so I can't tell what's changed in Photoshop, simply by comparing the old with the new. I want to prove to the college that their info is old so I can get my money back, or pressure them into updating their course material for the benefit of all their students.  They charged me $2500 for these two classes.  


      I sure would appreciate if you could reply with 1 - 5 things (interface design/ tool naming, tool functionality) that have changed as a result of the major 2015 update.

      Feeling pretty bummed.