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    After Effects bug


      Please watch the video below after getting some context here:


      An image is showing up in playback in Premiere of a girl holding a baby, this image is NOWHERE in the AE project, infact this image comes from a project I did a year ago, it is physically nowhere on this computer, at all. Everything from this computer was transferred off this machine a year ago.


      You will see how in After effects the image is not present at all in playback, yet it is there in Premiere.... how is this even happening? There is no physical image of the baby and girl on my computer anymore? And this project was made WELL after this project was completed and moved off my computer. (And to add even more to this, the old project was made on a different computer.... how is this even happening? Why are there so many damn bugs in this new AE is disgraceful).


      How is this happening??? - YouTube


      And when I export from AE, the image appears in the render, but I cannot find this image in the project anywhere....