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    Can't open Epub file in ADE


      I have been going around in circles for HOURS . Running Windows 10 and using Explorer. 

      I just switched to a new computer, so I'm thinking maybe that has something to do with the problem (?)


      I downloaded an ebook - EPUB file form my library and cannot open it in ADE. So far I have:

      1.  Uninstalled/reinstalled ADE both newest AND older version

      2. Verified that Time/date etc were correct on PC

      3. Unauthorized/reauthorized ADE

      4. Connected Kindle

      5. Deleted and downloaded ebook multiple times

      and all combinations of above.


      I am continuously getting errors from everywhere

      A. Upon reauthorizing ADE - they are asking for a VENDOR ID.... wtf?

      B. When I enter my Adobe ID/password it  says " The vendor account you entered is not associated with the item you are trying to open"

      C. Trying to open an old ebook in ADE; I get an error saying "The document is licensed for another user account"


      I've searched far and wide for answers to no avail and I'm just about ready to give up.


      Does anyone have any ideas?

      Thanks so much