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    How to anchor images to a word, or sentence when using the feature "Place multiple graphics"

    Two Feathers short

      If I am placing a single image, and want to anchor it to a word I simply use the text tool to place the cursor where I want to image to anchor, then I place the image and boom it works great!  But if I try to add multiple images using the following technique

      "To import all the loaded graphics in a grid, start dragging, and press the arrow keys to determine the number of rows and columns. Use the Up Arrow key and Down Arrow key to change the number of rows and the Left Arrow key and Right Arrow key to change the number of columns. Release the mouse button to place the grid of images."


      Indesign seems to lose the anchor point I choose, and there seems to be no way to anchor the group of images once placed.  My current project has over 300 images to placed, and will have many text edits before completion, so the solving this would help tremendously.