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    How can I use DataMerge, multirecord, and double sided?




      I am trying to understand how I can use DataMerge to print 24 double-sided cards. While I am prototyping I am printing them at home on my Laserjet M252dw. Once I have a 'final' set I will be sending them to a printer.


      The cards are for use as part of a business system I've created called ASPECT. Right now there are 24 cards and I'm using DataMerge to populate the front-face. This gives me a 3x4 layout across two pages.


      Now I want to move to double-sided and I hit a snag as the multi-record doesn't appear to do double-sided. I can use single-record but it seems very wasteful to use 22 extra sheets of paper for each test run.


      However my understanding is that there is maybe a way although I am not sure if I have misunderstood.


      What I think is the solution is to have two InDesign "master" documents. Let's call them front and back. Each document has an identically sized card layout but using different DataMerge variables respectively. Then use multi-record DataMerge on front to create a new document front-sheet with a 2-page 3x4 layout for the card fronts. Then I DataMerge back to create back-sheet with a 2-page 3x4 layout for the card backs. Now I "interleave" front-sheet and back-sheet to produce a final document merged-sheet that is composed of:


      front-sheet/page1 back-sheet/page1 front-sheet/page2 back-sheet/page2


      Such that when I print merged-sheet I get the cards printed double-sided with the correct content on each face.


      Have I understood the process correctly?


      If I have, my understanding is that the interleave is possible using an InDesign script. Is that right?


      Thanks in advance.