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    File not supported, Codec not installed


      I am using Premiere Elements 9 and also have the same problem with the sample PE 14. I am on Win 10 with a Radeon HD 6670 video card. Recorded from a video booth as .mov. Even though PE Help says ,mov is a "Supported Video Format" (and I have QuickTime installed) I still get the "File not Supported". The file runs fine in both QuickTime and VLC.

      .mp4 is also supposed to be "supported", but when I convert the video using VLC, PE still won't load it. (Handbrake never finishes converting the .mov.) On a friends Mac the conversion works?

      GSpot shows no information in the CODEC box for either the .mov or .mp4, so I have no direction to go to solve this problem. What am I not doing, where am I supposed to get the correct CODEC?

      (Special offer from Adobe to upgrade to 15, but will I still have the same problems importing .mov "supported video formats" and importing songs from my iTunes collection? My Premiere Elements is stalled and I find myself having to return to Roxio (ugh) to to quick videos!)

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          What model of camcorder is this video coming from and what resolution is it?


          If this is not video from a camcorder, open the video in the free download Media Info. In Media Info, go to View and set it to Tree View, then copy and paste the report it generates to this forum.


          Remember that MOV (like AVI) is a file format, not a video codec. That MOV could be made up of any of hundreds of possible codecs, many of which may not be easily editable. Particularly if this file was converted or created by software rather than a camcorder, it could be using a non-standard codec to create the video.