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    Typekit not available while offline working

    jo jovoo

      I am a uge fan of working on projects offline, to get them highly concentrated finished (Text work in Indesign).

      For that I like to go for a week at a place without any internet connection. Next to that I work abroad, what brings with it, that sometimes I have no Wifi too.

      Very unpleasant is, that my projects have no connection to the fonts of typekit anymore after the second or third restart of my computer.

      That makes it impossible to work on the projects in Indesign and sometimes Illustrator.


      I wish this problem can be solved. I would like to have the freedom to work whenever and whereever with Creative Cloud, since the Cloud is promissing the freedom to work from whereever whenever.


      : )



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          ASTHA Adobe Employee

          Hi Jo jovoo ,


          I can see that you've been trying to access type-kit while you were working offline and it was not syncing with your projects on both In-design and Illustrator.


          Basically if you go offline while the Creative Cloud desktop application is running and you are signed in, any synced fonts will still be available to use. Any changes you make to your font sync selection on Typekit.com will not be reflected until you restore connectivity.

          If you launch the Creative Cloud desktop application while offline, fonts will not be available and will not display in standard font menus.


          Please refer to the following link for more details.

          Add fonts to your desktop from Typekit .


          Please reach us back in case of further assistance.




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            Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

            Moving this discussion to the TypeKit forum.

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              Jojakeem Level 1

              So you mean instead of shutting down laptop,  keep it in hibernate?


              I'm in a habit of always shutting down my laptop after use. This weekend I've been working remotely and have bumped into the font issue twice. Luckily there was a wifi network to be found, but it was not something I was relying on.


              Wouldn't it be possible to at least have the fonts working for a day or 3 after syncing? What if I have a deadline and my internet is down from the morning? This is not really the professional solution I'd expect Adobe to offer.