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    Link displayed wrongly


      Hello forum


      I'm using XD for the first time on a "real" job. Unfortunately, the link I shared with the customer is displayed wrongly on his computer, on mine it looks fine though. On his screen, the picture is twice its size, but the viewing window is still its original size, so he only sees one quarter of the whole picture (and can't scroll horizontally). Has anyone experienced that before? The customer is using Internet Explorer, but I couldn't reproduce the error on my Windows laptop.


      Thank you for your help,


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          Preran Adobe Employee

          Would it be possible for you to post screenshots of what is happening? Also, did you try different browsers to see if you are able to replicate this issue across them?




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            elainecc Adobe Employee

            Another thing to check is what version of the browser your client is on and whether or not it's on the supported browser list. It's very possible that your client has an outdated version of a browser. Hardware and software requirements for installing, running, and using Adobe Experience Design. Let us know if that's not it, and we can continue to look into it!



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              denise_the_webonaut Level 1

              Hello Preran and Elaine,


              First of all thank you for your help and sorry for my late answer. Things got a bit busy :-)


              Preran, I unfortunately wasn't able to reproduce the error on any of my platforms. So I thought, hopefully someone here on the forum knows what's going on.


              Elaine, thank you for the hint. The customer is actually using IE 11. But he managed to get their company it support to install another browser for him and that work's perfectly. They're working on remote work stations, so they're not able to install stuff on their own, which makes it a little more complicated than needed.


              For me, the problem is solved since it's working now, but it obviously wasn't because of an outdated browser since IE 11 is listed as supported by XD. It works on my IE 11 though. So it really might just have to do with some strange setting of their server and software surroundings.



              Thank you again,


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                elainecc Adobe Employee

                Thanks for following up and letting us know, Denise! We test on these platforms as they're natively installed, so I suspect something weird was going on in your client's setup. We can always try to reproduce their setup on our systems here, but it sounds like you guys have a solid workaround.