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    Techniques for linking AS files with Main Timeline code

    pradeepn57384541 Level 1

      Our project was initially created in Flash Professional (FLA file (containing code in Timeline) and AS files).


      Now for testing (unit testing) the AS files, we have moved to Flash Builder and using Flex Unit Test for generating the tests (also using Code Coverage Plugin to check code coverage).


      AS files used for testing contains variables and functions which are part of the Main Timeline.


      When using in Flash Professional it does not show any error as it AS files link with FLA files (Main Timeline code).


      But using in Flash Builder it shows error telling the variables/functions of main timeline are not defined.


      Is there any techniques for linking the AS files with Main Timeline Code?



      PS: I have tried linking using SWC files and it works, but are there any other techniques with which it does not involve changes to be done in AS code?