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    SigFlags - Signature flags meaning

    ToM_1st Level 1

      There are currently two values (bit positions) for the SigFlags key defined:

      1 - SignaturesExists

      2 - AppendOnly


      I got questions regarding the signing state of a signature:

      I) SignatureExists Bit position means that there are unsigned/empty signature fields?

      II) AppendOnly Bit position means that there is at least one signed signature (which would be invalided if changed "normally"). Or can the AppendOnly mode also be used to indicate that I (as a document creator) want that all changes are done in appand mode?

      III) Those values are bit values which can have the following value in the final PDF:


      0 - nothing set

      1 - SignatureExists=true, (AppendOnly=false) - Signed or unsigned signature exists

      2 - AppendOnly=true, (SignatureExists=false) - All changes should be done in append mode, don't know whether  there are signatures

      3 - SignatureExists=true, AppendOnly=true - There are signatures all changes should be done in appendMode