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    Is it possible to explore/view an Indesign file's DOM objects and only those objects?

    AndyAtPBZinc Level 1

      Both Toolkit's Object Model Viewer and the InDesign ExtendScript API give the whole DOM possibles for any one document or the app itself.


      BUT, is there a way to see/view/explore only the DOM objects of a particular file/document and nothing else; like viewing a webpage in Chrome's Inspector or Firefoxe's Firebug? As I understand it via experience, those don't give you every possible DOM object, but only what is on that particular page. It doesn't seem like the ExtendScript Toolkit can do this... or anything else for that matter. It seems like scripting in InDesign would be a whole lot easier if seeing only the actual DOM instead of the "possible" DOM were possible...

      Hope someone has an insight into this. Thanks