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    .docx upload and download  or conversion


      I have to allow an upload of .docx files to MX 7 server. A download as well should be allowed.
      But the problem is does MX7 allow a upload of .dox file to the server if .confg.js is configured?
      1. If it allows how and what do I confifure in the web server?

      2. If a download is allowed, then some of the members do not have MS office 2007, so it doesnot allow them to open the file. So a conversion is required when a download has to be done. Or vice versa, a docx file can be uploaded with doc extention if a conversion is allowed.
      Can you help me with the conversion of .docx file to .doc in CF. If a solution exists and if you had tried it. I was not able to find anythin on the web.

      Thank you.