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    Adobe Create cloud services


      I am using Mac Office 365 with 15.34 installed and Acrobat Pro DC 2017.009.20044.


      In the latest update it offers "You can create high quality, rich and accessible PDFs using Adobe Create PDF cloud service." and has a new Preferences tab next to Create PDF.  When you click "Create PDF"  It asks if I wish to make rich PDF using this service or create a PDF without using the service.  If I click "Yes" it pops up an error dialog box that says "Microsoft Visual Basic.  Run-time error '5': Invalid procedure call or argument."  and the only option is to Abort.  I can click no or set my preferences to always create my PDFs without the service and it doesn't ask me anymore.  I think it developed from my Acrobat update not the Office update but I could be wrong because they are both triggered automatically.


      Any ideas?