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    Crashing when packaging?

    keseyrage Level 1

      I've been trying to package a catalog file and it crashes, or freezes my computer so badly I have to hard restart it to unfreeze. The catalog I'm trying to package has no errors showing on preflight. It was working fine a couple of weeks ago, I went on vacation, and came back to work today. A couple changes were needed while I was out, so I made them and now it just won't package. I can export .pdfs just fine, and other files will package, but this particular catalog will not. Any help is super appreciated, this needs to go to print today.


      i7 6700

      32GB DDR4

      GTX 1080

      480GB SSD

      2TB 7200 HDD

      Windows 10 version 1607

      InDesign CC 2017.1 Release (latest build)


      Thank you!

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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Export to IDML and try that.

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            srishtib8795206 Adobe Employee

            Hi keseyrage,



            If I get the issue, a particular file or catalog is crashing InDesign while packaging it ? In order to get to the cause of this problem, we would need few details like:


            What is the size of file.

            Where the file and linked images are saved(network drive or local HDD)


            If other files are working fine, please try to move all pages to new document and then try to package the file.

            To move pages to a new document, please  follow these steps:


            Create new document and go back to existing document

            Choose Layout > Pages > Move Pages, or choose Move Pages from the Pages panel menu.

            Specify the page or pages(All pages in this case) you want to move.

            For Destination, choose new document you created. Click OK.(Make sure you that "Delete Pages After Moving" is unchecked)

            move pages.PNG




            If still it does not work please revert with required information and file.
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              Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

              If it crashes during packaging try following steps:

              1. Link Panel, select all assets.

              2. In the menu in a sub menu you find Copy files, copy them manually to the Link Folder.


              Try now to package again. If the crash was caused by astraid files it is solved.

              If it crashes agai, export as IDML, open the IDML and package this.


              Even if packaging after copying all assetts manually seems not to be necessary I would do it anyway to exclude other problems.

              If you use the IDML path check your file. At the moment I loose text wrapping after any IDML cleaning. If filed a bug report against this problem.