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    Autoupdate Stroke (Shape Layer) from Textlayer


      Hello Community,


      I have a problem with a new Template I'm working on right now.

      I need to find a solution for some stroke effects I generated from an textlayer.


      To do all this by hand for several texts gets a bit frustrating, so I thought you guys could help me out.


      See the design:


      I have a textlayer. From there I created mask from textlayer/or shape from textlayer. Both works, but the way with the shape layer offers more possibilities to create more powerful strokes, with more detailed design.


      With the mask layer I have to use the Stroke effect, to reproduce the stoke from the created mask.


      The created strokes now need to react to the textlayer.

      If I need to change the text, the strokes should autoupdate.


      Perhaps some of you could help out.


      thanks for the help