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    Audio Distortion on import with x264 codec


      Hello.  I'm having an issue where imported .AVI files using the x264 codec have a strange, garbled audio that sounds somewhat similar to what you'd hear during an underwater camera.


      When I play this clip in windows media player, the sound is fine.  During import to After Effects, the audio distorts.  Using Media Encoder CC (Also fresh install), the same thing happens, distorted audio.


      I'm using the most up to date version of AE CC 2017 (Fresh install as of May 24, 2017).

      The video codec is x264 at 3464kbps, with an audio of 192kbps, 2 channels sampling at 48000khz, using MPEG-1 L2 codec.


      I would assume it's an issue with the codec but the playback on windows media player is perfectly fine.


      For now, the workaround is using a website that converts .AVI to .WAV, however this can get quite tedious or be completely unavailable for large .AVI files.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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