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    Six Arms, Four Eyes, and a Bunch of Questions

    aarons56730161 Level 1

      Relative noob here...


      I've been working my way through the tutorials and tips and tricks.  I have created a fairly basic alien bug looking puppet with six arms, two eyes, and a nutcracker jaw.  I have keyboard triggers to make the claws pinch, make the hair go from solid to an animated psychedelic looking gradient, and change the eyebrows.  I've rigged the puppet to walk and that seems to work quite well.  I'm almost ready to have it do a scene.  I do however have a few questions.


      - I tried adding profile shots for the head (created them as additional groups within the head group).  However, if those layers are present in the puppet, the walk feature will not work (even if I deactivate the layers and the head turner behavior).  Is there a step I missed?


      - With the six arms, I can only rig one of the left and one of the right arms to animate during the walk behavior.  Is there a way to rig the other arms to move during walk as well, or will I need to animate them individually?


      - Similarly with the second set of eyes (on the antennae stalks).  Is there a way to rig them to be controlled as a second pair of eyes, or should I just group them together and drag them around.


      - Finally, is there an index to the subjects covered on the various tips and tricks videos.  While I watch them in my spare time to gain knowledge, when I'm down the rabbit hole rigging a puppet to do something, I tend to find myself wasting time searching through the videos to find the one that talked about what I need?  .