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    turning the Sound off when clicking on a book

      I have published a document (in Robohelp6) and when you click on the book (in the left hand table to contents) it plays a sound. I didn't design it to play a sound, but it does. How do I remove it? I looked in properties but it shows no sounds attached to the file.
      (and yes I know that I can just turn my speakers off, but the users want their speakers on - )
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi there naynay2801

          Can you be a bit more specific? What is the output? (WebHelp, FlashHelp, CHM, Something Else?)

          Assuming it's WebHelp or FlashHelp, what skin is being used? I'm thinking that it could be skin related.

          Cheers... Rick
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            I've had an instance where this happens on Dell laptops when using a CHM file. It is a Dell anomoly apparently as they have a driver that plays a "beep" sound when they access a help topic. The solution is to disable it. The exact procedure differs on the OS.
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              While I never heard of this happening with CHM files, I suspect Colum has hit this one. It may vary from user to user though based on their settings and OS. We configured our software to do this years ago and there is no setting in the software itself.

              One question first. Does it happen with all help files or just yours?

              From your Windows control panel, select Sounds and Audio devices. Click on the Sounds tab. There should be a list of "Program events:" that trigger sounds. See if you can find the help call and turn it off. If that is where it is, you may have no control over it because it might be the way the operating system was set up.

              Hope this helps.