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    ADE loads to 1st Edition nook but can't open book


      Specs: ADE 4.5.4

      Windows 10 and Apple MacBook Pro

      nook 1st edition (color led on bottom)

      Overdrive app installed on laptops


      As recent as Dec 2016, I was able to select books from public library using Overdrive and download into ADE. Using a sync cable, I could transfer the book to an authorized 1st Edition nook for reading. I use this nook for outdoor reading given it has e-ink screen. Recently, I can download the books to ADE, transfer to the nook but cannot open the book from the device.


      I checked the authorization numbers and they are the same on all devices. I have even reinstalled the software to the two laptops. The nook has not had a software update in years and I am confident it is not the issue.


      I suspect the issue is related to the license permission with DRM files. Could be I have accessed it too many times troubleshooting. I have searched the forums for my issue and there are similar but not same issues. I need help!

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          I believe I have solved the mystery. While troubleshooting, I got a notice that an unrelated app was outdated. Got me thinking about the platform that ADE might have been developed. So, I checked my Java versions on my computer and it was outdated. Here was my steps and good luck getting your ADE books loaded and viewable on your devices.


          1. Open control panel and delete outdated versions of Java.

          2. As of May 2017, the best version of Java is Version 8.0. Load and install.

          3. Connect your device and open ADE.

          4. Unauthorize the device and computer.

          5. In Overdrive app, download your book to ADE.

          6. When prompted, enter your ADOBE user name and password which will authorize your computer.

          7. Authorize your device from ADE.

          8. Transfer/copy your book to your device.

          9. Safely disconnect your USB device (ereader) from the status tray in lower right corner.

          10. Enjoy your new book! (I am!)