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    After Effects, How to remove background in my logo for video?


      Hi guys,


      So I've been using After Effects for a while to make my videos and in some of my videos, I use a circular logo on top of an audio spectrum on top of a background.

      And when I place the logo onto the Audio Spectrum it usually looks nice however this time it doesn't. Here are a few pictures.







      Of course, if I increase the size of the white spectrum layer, the distance between the image and the spectrum layer will increase, leaving a big unnecessary white space. If I increase the logo size, I'll get a big white square over the spectrum layers.

      What can I do to get the white square gone so it would leave the spiral logo?

      It's a gif file.


      One problem is that the actual spiral background isn't transparent but I'm sure I made it so but if anything comes to mind, please let me know!