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    15k computer slower than IMAC


      My computer does not seem to be much of an improvement from my 5k IMAC. Here is my current specs I am curious if there is something wrong with my build. I am trying to work with 6-8k R3D files.



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          scottd17860377 Level 1

          I also have 2 TITAN X (pascal) graphic cards installed.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            Well, honestly, this is the typical "If NASA can fly to the moon, I can make AE fly with a lot of money." approach and I'm not even gonna apologise for my choice of words here. You have bought a computer without giving any consideration whatsoever to how AE actually works or for that matter what some limitations are on video processing are in general like limited parallel processing, linear file access to clip files, the importance of disk performance or AE even today being seriously limited in terms of GPU acceleration. I'm sure your machine would bve fantastic for Nuke, Flowbox, DaVinci or most 3D animation programs, but AE not so much and you can only blame yourself for it. just reading a bunch of old threads here on this forum could have enlightened you and saved you a lot of money.



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              Gutterfish Adobe Community Professional

              You might improve performance a little if you disable 38 of you cpu cores & remove one of your GPUs.

              Currently AE does better (for reasons Mylenium touched on) with CPUs that have a lower LP count and a higher clock speed.

              Also dual GPUs will drastically slow down AEs GUI and preview.

              Bummer man.

              There's on old axiom in the construction industry: "measure twice, cut once"