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    Action not doing what it is set to do


      I'm on an iMac I just purchased, and I'm using the latest version of Photoshop 2017.  I've been using Photoshop since about 1980. I created a resize action.  I set it up to upsize my photos to 12x18 (vertical) at 300 dpi.  I created a preset of these settings in the Image Size presets as well.  I also created one for my horizontal images to upsize to 18x12 at 300 dpi.


      But, when I run the Actions, it changes my image to 18x12 (or 12x18), but it does it at 72 dpi...so it's actually shrinking my file size!!


      I have retried it several times...using different names for the Action, restarting Photoshop, restarting my computer...every way I can think of.


      Does anyone know what might be going on?