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    InDesign CC 2017 hangs when entering or editing text

    dfkurz Level 1

      In the last two days I have suddenly encountered hanging of a minute or more whenever I enter or edit text in the current file I am working on. Any type of change to the text will result in a hang. I have already tried disabling the two check boxes on the Advanced Type window in Preferences (mentioned in another post in this forum) and that did not solve the problem. If I view Windows Task Manager while the hanging occurs, it says that the InDesign application is not responding. The problem seems to affect this particular file, and not others. This particular file is somewhat lengthy, in comparison to most others I work on, but it is still not that big - currently at 24 pages, It does have a lot of linked graphic files (115 at this point), but curiously moving or placing a linked file does not cause it to hang. I should also mention that the linked files are not on my C drive but instead are on a server, and I do occasionally encounter slowness with the server, but I am not encountering that now. And again, it is the text changes that cause problems, not graphics.


      I am running InDesign on a PC Laptop.


      I should also mention that I used encounter performance issues with InDesign, but they have gone away since I upgraded the memory to 16 Gig, so it is not a memory issue.


      Please help! I am essentially dead in the water at this point on this project.