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    TOC: first topic converted to book in CHM

    Pet3689 Level 1
      We are using RoboHelp HTML 7 to generate HTML Help (CHM).

      We have a Table of Contents with a single book that contains multiple books, which contain our topics.

      We publish all books into a CHM file. Also, using Conditional Build Tags, we publish each book as a separate CHM file.

      The all-books CHM file is fine.

      However, the separate-book CHM files have a problem: The first topic of each book appears as a book with a link to that topic. That topic-book contains the other topics.

      For example:

      Topic 1.1.2
      Topic 1.1.3

      shows up as

      Book 1.1
      Book-Topic 1.1.1
      Topic 1.1.2
      Topic 1.1.3

      Note that "Book 1" is missing, and that "Topic 1.1.1" became "Book-Topic 1.1.1", by which I mean that it is now a book that links to the topic.

      This problem is not tied to "Topic 1.1.1", since this happens after reshuffling the order of the topics. It is simply the first topic that does this.

      Any help will be greatly appreciated.

      I vaguely recall that I had seen a similar problem in the forum, but I cannot find that thread anymore.