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    Ryzen 1700 can't work multicore with Adobe for rendering.


      Hello, first of all, sorry about my bad english, but my native language is spanish.

      I use Adobe products for video productions (After Effects, Premiere and Encore).


      I have this specs:


      Mother: MSI B350 PC MATE

      Procesador Ryzen 1700

      Video: EVGA GTX 1080 TI 11 GB

      2x 16 (32) Gigas Ddr4 Corssair 3000 Mhz

      256 SSD GB for system and 256 SSD for editing and render.


      I have these problems:



      The memory can't go at 3000 mhz.

      I updated the mother BIOS but still it can't see the speed (it's in 2200 Mhz)



      Before, I had an Intel i74600K.

      Now, in Premiere I see better performance in real time edition.


      But, when I want to render, I see the same speed in time than my last CPU. (i7 4600K, 4.0, 32 GB, Gtx 970)

      I tried on both CUDA and with CPU render.


      I see that the CPU have 30%/40% of use having the same speed that my last configuration.

      In my last CPU, the use of CPU was arround 90%.

      So, I think this could be a software problem.


      I don't know if Adobe products can´t take advantage of the 8 cores, or may be I should try some specifics software configurations...


      Please tell me what do you think.

      What can I try?

      Thank you in advance!