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    Code needed for responsive vertical centering

    garyw43910326 Level 1

      It is very sad that Muse does not allow users to centre objects on the vertical axis responsively. There is at least one widget available at extra cost but why pay (when I'm broke) where a few lines of code will solve this problem?


      However, I don't know what the code is. Please could someone tell me?


      A previous problem involved responsive sizing of objects vertically. Expensive widgets were available to solve that particular problem but a few lines of code did the trick for free (thanks to the pre-pubescent kid who made a YouTube video on it).


      That code was easy to insert into the page properties dialogue box. It also required the use of a graphics style. I would be very grateful if someone could please give me code for the responsive vertical centring problem?


      I need to keep the "previous" and "next" arrows centred for selecting images in my gallery. I just need to apply some code to the arrows to achieve this.


      Thanks in advance for your help.