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    *Quick Flash CS3 Question*

      So I had some help with a template and was able to create my website basically how I wanted it but I have a problem creating new flash webpages. My website is www.alliancedirect.net.

      First off: if you go to my website you can see that the top links in the white all go to a flash page which I edited. The links on the left: "Refinance, Purchase, Loss Mitigation" is not linked up to any flash page along with the resource center. I already have all the documents for my resource center done but I don't know how to link it to flash. I have them in pdf or any form already done but I want it to be a flash for the page to load on the page itself. I also have a flash live chat but when you click it; it opens up in a new page. Is it possible to incorporate within the flash and page itself?

      The site uses action script 1 and I assume you can't just "convert" it to a higher action script, correcT? I would appreciate any feedback and input and I love new things so I have learned a lot on flash myself and tried to comprehend the directions as much as possible so I am quick to my feet. Thanks again!
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          you can use getURL() to open non-swf files as long as the browser knows how to handle that file type. if you want to open within flash like your current buttons, you need to convert those other file types to swf files (or image files or flv files or text files).

          you can convert from as1 to as2. just publish for as2 and that will probably work unless you pick as2 with flash player beyond 6 and the original file contains some "problems" that will be exposed.