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    Flex Component code question

      Greetings, Flexperts! I am a QA Analyst new to Flex (and not a developer by any means), and have a general Flex question:
      Our QTP app records Flex in this manner:
      Browser("Browser").FlexApplication("Peacekeeper").FlexDividedBox("hDividedBox1").FlexCanva s("index:2").FlexBox("enrollView").FlexForm("AGLC Info").FlexForm("index:3").FlexTextArea("AGLC:txSEP").Input "8366986501"
      My question is, can someone please tell me what each object is (i.e., a property, name, method, etc.)? I believe that "Input" is a method of the "FlexTextArea" control...is that a correct interpretation?
      Also, if anyone know Flex AND QTP (Quick Test Professional) please email me at ss.mba@verizon.net with any othet tips on recording Flex objects in QTP. Thank you very much!