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    Thumbnail view naviagtion


      I am using Acrobat XI Pro.  In previous versions of Acrobat I would have the Page Thumbnails open in the Navigation Pane.  I could zoom into an area on the page.  Then in the page thumbnails I could select a location on a new page where I wanted to be zoomed in.  In Acrobat XI, when I click on a new page, the zoom window defaults to the top right of the page I want to view.  Is there a setting that I need to change, so when I click on a different page the zoom window will zoom into the part of the page that I want to look at? 


      We work on large pages and our files contain hundreds of pages.  Having to click a new page and then move the zoom window to the the correct location is causing delays and a lot of extra work.

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          Dave__M Adobe Community Professional

          Interesting.  I hadn't noticed that, but in my Acrobat Pro DC, I have the same issue.  I was able to (sort-of) overcome the issue by clicking on the Pages Panel's Options button, and enlarging the thumbnails.  Then when I nudged the panel wider, the zoom box then was visible on the thumbnails.  A bit odd, but it worked.  I would play with this a bit - you might get it to 'stick'.




          I hope this is helpful.

          My best,


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            2beproductive Level 1

            I have tried everything.  It doesn't always default to the top right but it does always default to the top of the page.  I know it worked on Acrobat 8 and Acrobat 9.  If you zoom to the bottom left or bottom right corner of one page and then try to make it zoom to the same location on the next page, does it place the zoom window at the top of the new page?


            Thanks for the help. 

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              Dave__M Adobe Community Professional

              It always defaults to the upper left corner of the page.