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    3gp Audio Won't Render with AE/AME - Even when converted to .mp4 or .mp3


      Hi All,


      I'm having trouble incorporating a video clip shot from an android phone into a project. I'm rendering a video using h.264 to create a .mp4 file. One clip I'm using in said video is the android .3gp file. The picture is fine, but there is no audio in the actual .3gp file, nor is there any audio in that portion of the master edit when I render from AE's renderer or AME. The audio for all the other files I used is fine. At first I thought the fix would be simply converting the original .3gp file to another file format like .mp4, then putting that into the master edit in AE. When I converted the .3gp to .mp4 (which I did a bunch of times using AME and several pieces of software), the audio would be in the newly converted .mp4 version of the android clip when played in windows media or VLC, but still not be in the final .mp4 file when I rendered it from AME.


      I also converted it to just an .mp3 audio file, and the same thing happens.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated! I'm stumped!