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    Advice on using Templates and bought video clips in After Effects CC



      I'm making my first After Effect project using After Effects CC 2017 release.

      I'm making a short party invitation for my 55th birthday


      I've bought into VideoBlocks so I have content to use: (www.videoblocks.com )

      I downloaded some templates and I'm using to have a place to start: Inks Parallax Slideshow ( After Effects Project Files) - YouTube 

      It's a nice looking template and helps the newbie as it includes embedded instructions.    


      When I render the template project as I downloaded it, the render takes about an hour.


      When I add the video content to the 18 "slots" in the template my render time goes up to over 35 hours.


      I tried this using the mp4 and mov versions of the files and I also tried converting them to AVI.  All of them hold MPEG4.



      Is this a reasonable render time?

      I can convert the files to other formats and Codecs using Sony Vegas.  What format/Codec should I use?

      I'm I missing something?



      My Setup:

      Windows 7 SP1 x64

      Intel i7 - 4930K @ 3.40HHz.  6 Cores

      24GB RAM

      Assets and .aep on standard SATA HD

      Rendering to SSD SATA HD

      NVidia GeForce GTX 760