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    Exported photo shows different color when uploaded to web.


      Hi all Photoshop users!

      I have this issue I have noticed happening to me randomly for the past year and i struggle to eliminate it. Photos that I edit in Photoshop and export have completely different color when i upload them to flickr/messenger/ facebook etc.Howevert they show correctly edited color in the browser of the PC. So the different color only appears in the web applications and browser.

      What I do:

      1. I do my basic color correction (white balance, shadows highlights) in lightroom,

      2. I export the photo into the photoshop

      3. I proceed with adjustments with adjustment layers, such as gaussian blur, high pass filter

      4. I add some minor adjustments with the curves.

      5. FIle > Save as > JPEG > quality 10.


      everything looks fine as it is shown in photoshop after my adjustments, but whenever i upload the photo it looks completely different ( what i find amusing is that , even when i open the photo in my computer browser it shows the color accurately, however wheni upload it seems like all my adjustments layers have not been applied)


      AS you can see on the screenshot, the small photo is the one uploaded, the one behind shows how it should look like and how it is in photoshop and computer browser.

      THANKS FOR ANY HELP AND TIPS, i am very grateful.  Have a nice daywtf photoshop.jpg