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    Detect Develop changes in plugin.

    darylt46915580 Level 1

      I am currently working on an export plugin and I need to be able to detect if a photo has had any changes made in Develop. Currently I am using the editCount metadata but that is proving to be a bit more generous in what it considers edits than I would prefer


      Does anyone have another suggestion I could consider?





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          johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

          Yeah, "editCount" gets incremented when metadata is changed as well as develop settings.


          Your plugin could examine the values returned by photo:getDevelopSettings() for any that are not the default value.


          But this will also flag photos as "changed" if the camera default develop settings have been changed by Develop > Set Default Settings, even if the user hasn't explicitly changed a develop slider.  If that's not what you want, then the plugin would need to determine the current values for those camera-default settings. The only way I can think of for doing that is to import a dummy photo from the same camera model and check photo:getDevelopSettings ().