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    Captions level 101 or 301???

    Two Feathers short

      I have genealogy book with about 300 images and 19 pages of text. I am trying to place one to six images at a time, add captions, and then anchor images to a text line so it flows with text, as I assume much of text will altered.


      • First try: was to create captions in the metadata sections of lightroom and use the live caption option in indesign but...The Live Captions don't wrap to multiple lines if the caption box.  Rather it overlaps over itself making the caption totally illegible and useless.
      • Second try: Use static caption option and paste the metadata from lightroom but...As soon as I  anchor the image to the text the caption disappears.
      • Third try: Using the multi image placement method I created a 3 image guide, manually added the captions, grouped the images and captions, used the no text wrap option, and finally anchored the group to a text point.  All worked perfectly... except text from above the image group is appearing behind the group




      and I thought adding captions, and anchoring images would be easy

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          BarbBinder Adobe Community Professional

          Hi, Two Feathers short. You've learned quite a bit about captions today, haven't you?


          I think you are close, and may just be dealing with an anchoring issue—which can be confusing. What anchored object option are you using? Did you try shift+dragging the group to an otherwise empty ¶?


          Also, you can generate static captions and group them automatically, and then group the three image/captions before anchoring the group, if that helps.

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            Two Feathers short Level 1

            Thank you so much for the helpI am using the shift+dragging the group usually in front of the first word of a paragraph, and I do have the "group paragraph style" selected. I guess it hadn't dawned on me that with that option selected, one still has to right click on image and "add caption" after the image is placed.  Got it now.

            Fourth Try:  Using the multi image placement method I created a 3 image guide, right clicked on one image in the group and added a manual caption (which instantly added a manual caption to the other two images), adjusted each image cell image and image crop, grouped the images/captions, Shift dragged group to desired location. and changed the Position selection from custom to "Inline or Above Line" option and selected the above line option. Finally my grouped images are flowing with the text, so the author of the book and freely add text at any place in the book


            ...Now I am stuck on placing a single image, with caption, and anchored...

            1. Use text tool for insertion point
            2. Place photo
            3. Placed anchored photo will not allow caption to be added

            Second try

            1. Place Photo
            2. add caption
            3. no anchor point option

            ...maybe this is why they call me two feathers short...

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              BarbBinder Adobe Community Professional

              First of all congrats on the complicated images/captions/anchors!


              So for the single image, just add it to the pasteboard outside the page. Add the static caption (and check group caption with image in Caption Setup first), then shift drag the group to anchor.