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    Searching for Efficient Method for Debugging EPUB export warnings


      I expect there is an efficient method for identifying the offending chapter files in my book that result in the following warning during EPUB generation:


      "The file was exported but one or more problems were detected:

      Drop caps, Run-in style, Line style, and GREP style applied as style overrides are ignored. These are only supported in paragraph styles: 2 found."


      To identify my offending book chapter files I have used Find/Change in search of specified styles with its search: "All Documents" selected. 


      I observe, however, that FindChange search "All Documents" behaves the same as Find/Change search "Document".  That is, I can have all book chapter documents open, or only one book chapter document open, and Find/Change searches through only a single document, no matter if "All Documents" is selected or "Document" is selected.


      Is this broken scope behavior of Find/Change a known InDesign bug or am I overlooking the proper method for identifying problematic chapter files in my book?


      Observation: My book contains over fifty files and the brute force debug approach using InDesign Find/Change does not seem reasonable. I mean, the brute force approach to open and search each individual file for Drop caps, Run-in style and GREP style... is wasteful and worse.


      Thanks for your help and any suggestions you may offer.