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    I am looking for visual evidence of having entered licence key for Premiere Elements 14. Can anyone help?


      Today (where I work) I was installing Photoshop Elements 14 and Premiere Elements 14. I have separate license keys / serial numbers for each product. I entered them when asked and both installs continued and succeeded. I commenced the installs using the Trial Period option and input the keys when asked. In Photoshop Elements 14 I can see under HELP-ABOUT that it shows the product is properly licensed. I am trying to find a similar evidence of license key status for Premiere Elements 14 but I cannot find it via any of the menu options. How can i see it in Premiere ? I don't want to deliver a new PC to an end user and find that 30 days later it will expire. I had separate keys for the 2 products - I can see evidence of entry in one but not in the other. Any suggestions ?