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    Fraudulent charges for Adobe Stock?


      I became an AdobeStock member when Dollar Photo Club went under. I came in for one year of Adobe Stock at $9.99 per month. My one year subscription was set to end in February/March of 2017. In January, using the online chat feature, I spoke to a representative and told them I could not find an online place to cancel my membership, so I needed their help. After chatting with their off-shore representative I was assured that auto-renewal was now set to "OFF" and I would not have my Adobe Stock subscription auto-renewed.


      Well guess what?


      I went into my account today and I found out that Adobe has been charging me $29.99 a month in March, April, and May of 2017. I immediately went to the online chat and requested that these charges be refunded and the service be cancelled. The person who was chatting with me asked for the "ticket number" to prove that I had properly cancelled this service.



      There was no ticket number. So the chat representative said they would connect me to someone who could help. Well, of course, the NEW rep ALSO required the ticket number! I told them I have no such number, and I was told they can't help me.




      I have contacted my credit card company and disputed all charges from Adobe since the time I chatted with their customer service center. In reading online, it appears that Adobe makes cancelling services/auto-renewals extremely difficult and punitive. I am considering the possibility of contacting an attorney regarding the possibility of a class-action lawsuit over these deceptive business practices.

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          Brad Lawryk Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I find that odd, as Adobe support uses your Adobe ID to look up past cases. And unless you had a large number of cases it should be very easy to find who and when you talked to them.


          Anyways, you may contact @AdobeCare through Twitter for faster account related issues.

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            steves26730453 Level 1

            I don't know about how their ticket system works. The original representative had a very difficult time finding my account using my e-mail address, then they transferred me to another representative. It was very, very difficult to get this taken care of. Then after explaining again that I simply didn't want to renew my service I was told that it was taken care of.


            Well, I've calmed down since I wrote the original post. I was in shock over this, and the online reps were no help at all. I was told without a ticket number they would be unable to resolve it. Seems quite shady to me, but that's just my opinion.


            Anyhow, I spoke to my credit card company and they reversed the charges and I checked my account and saw that it was done, the card company said the case is closed and they found in my favor. So it would appear that i am whole again. No thanks to Adobe for that, however.