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    Lightroom is reading catalog as a backup


      Several things currently appear to be going wrong with my catalog.


      1. Lightroom is interpreting the catalog is a backup and will not sync Lightroom mobile with photos on the web.  I origianlly had the catalog stored in drop box, but I am losing much of my storage space and don't want to pay $100/yr for 50gb of storage. So I copied the catalog directory to my Pictures directory. All that appears to have copied down to the c drive without an issue.  However, launching Lightroom and turning Mobile sync I receive the message it is a back up and not the production catalog. Not sure what is taking place.


      2. Mobile photos are missing in Lightroom.  I indicate where the Lightroom Mobile file isn't to be store but it still isn't reading the photos in the file. The previews show but I get the exclamation mark indicating the original file is missing. I turn on mobile sync and get the above error message. I am not sure whats going on or why.


      Any assistance is appreciated.





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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          After you copied the catalog folder from dropbox to your Pictures folder, did you double-click on the catalog in the Pictures folder and let Lightroom open using that catalog? Are your images still in the same location (i.e. on the same hard drive) they were in before you copied the catalog folder from dropbox?