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    After Effects CC 2017 "Reload Footage" not working

    dfdiaza Level 1

      I am having some issues, which I did not have with previous versions.


      Steps to Reproduce Bug:

      1. Import an image to a project  (ex: input.jpg)

      2. Drag&Drop the image to create a new composition ( ex: input)

      3. Locate the image on HardDisk, delete it, then copy a new image to this location and rename it with exactly the same name.  (ex: input.jpg)

      4. Go to AE, Right click on the image -> "Reload Footage"

      5. Try to render "input" composition



      AE is not reloading the image, it continues showing the old image. Even when you render the composition, it will render the old image


      Expected Results:

      AE should reload the content showing the new image as it happens in older versions like AE CC 2014. It also should render the new image.



      Someone else is facing the same issue? Please if you have 3 minutes to make a test and share your results with me I will be very grateful